Keen to Engage New Clients? This Is The Most Effective Method


For any company, engaging new clients and reaching new customers is the key to raising brand awareness and increasing revenue. Of course, quality marketing is the answer, but which strategy to take can be the subject of much debate. While social media and blogging are increasingly popular tactics among the business community, in fact statistics from the Content Marketing Institute show that three quarters of B2B marketers believe that in-person events are the most effective method of engagement. It shouldn't come as a surprise that hosting events is such an effective tactic, since time and again it has been proven that real-life experiences are able to create a profound impression. It is therefore a vital tool in any marketing toolbox.

The Importance of Hosting Events


Consumers are finding it more challenging than ever to find the services and products that they need in the overcrowded marketplace. Hosting an event is a great way to stand out, facilitating in-person discussions with consumers, establishing an intimate and personal connection with the brand that is impossible to achieve in the virtual environment.


Events are also essential to generating better brand recognition. Up to 80% of people participating in marketing events share their experience with others, increasing the accessibility of your brand to a wider audience. Even better, according to LinkedIn, once a brand is familiar, people don't hesitate to try their new products without thinking of any risks, meaning that an event is also a long-term investment in the future of your brand.


In terms of cost, there is no more cost-effective way of rolling out new services and products to a large number of people than to a captive live audience at an event, and feedback can be virtually instantly received, allowing for rapid addressing of any issues which are raised. The benefits of this include improved brand engagement and customer satisfaction, along with a more adaptable approach to your business.


While generating conversation with consumers in an online environment has an important place in today's marketplace, having face-to-face engagement is an experience which cannot be replaced by any virtual forum and the increasing emphasis on digital, provides the perfect space for a business to both stand out from the crowd and utilise those digital platforms to use the content from the event. It is quite clear that marketing events can get out your brand's message more effectively and speedily to the most receptive audience.

The Role of Events Management Companies


Now that it has been established that hosting events is key to marketing success for any business, the next factor to consider is the management of such events. It is not only important to host events but also to host them properly, and getting it wrong can be more detrimental for your brand than failing to host any events at all.


High quality events management is much harder than it looks, and there is a lot to bear in mind to get everything right, both in the preparation stage and on the day itself. Events management companies specialise in the coordination, budgeting, management and planning of all the teams, people, features and logistics that go into creating a perfect event, and are skilled in all the intricacies of the process, including the administration, time management and attention to the smallest details.


When running a business, there is very little time to dedicate to the planning and arrangement of a successful event, however an events management company can save you valuable time and effort that could be spent on other aspects of your business. Successful events depend on every person and element in the project working to the highest standard. This demands communication, flexibility and the ability to manage many people at once in a time sensitive environment. Whilst most companies have somebody who is organised and are good at organising nights out and meetings, a successful business event is very different, when you outsource your event management to a professional company, you can ensure that you and your team can give their full dedication to their core business roles rather than having to sacrifice their time to the coordination of venues, entertainment, guests, risk assessments and the hope to pull it all off.


Experienced event management companies have far-reaching contacts with venues and suppliers, helping to save both time and money at the planning stage, and with insider knowledge, a good events company can make useful suggestions and improvements based on experience and best practice for an event that will be memorable for all the right reasons.


The benefits of hosting events cannot be overestimated, but it is key to get the planning, management and coordination right. Consider outsourcing your brand's event to a skilled events management company and make sure your customers and clients enjoy a memorable experience, leaving you to enjoy the results!

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